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What are my advantages if I work in Germany?

  • You receive an excellent medical education and further training on the highest technical level.
  • You receive an appropriate salary for your work.
  • You improve your German skills.
  • You considerably improve your career chances – in a globalised world, experiences abroad are highly advantageous.
  • You obtain excellent options for your further development – for a hospital career or for running your own practice.
  • You enjoy a high reputation in the population.
  • If you plan to return to your home country, you will greatly benefit from the skills acquired in Germany.

Which requirements do I have to fulfil to work in Germany?

  • Successfully completed study of medicine
  • German skills on the European Proficiency Level of B2.
  • Motivation and commitment
  • No criminal record

Will using the services of DoctorsJob have an impact on my salary?

  • No. In Germany, the salary of physicians employed in hospitals is ruled by tariff agreements. Thus, a placing through DoctorsJob will not lead to any reduction of your salary. Quite the opposite: our professional support and the purposeful application to various hospitals may even bring you a higher salary.

Why do the hospitals co-operate with DoctorsJob?

  • For most hospitals, searching for suitable applicants is a laborious process. Advertisements are expensive and often unsuccessful. Yet – even though there is shortage of trained physicians, German hospitals will not accept any applicant. The high qualification standard must be maintained. Through our numerous contacts to doctors and other key players abroad, we offer the hospitals efficient and promising solutions for the search for suitable applicants. By availing themselves of our support during the entire application stage, the hospitals save time and money and can concentrate on their original tasks of caring for the patients.

Why should I work together with DoctorsJob?

Who pays for the services of DoctorsJob?

  • For the successful placement, the hospitals pay a previously agreed brokerage. For you as the applicant, our services are entirely free of charge.

Why is there a shortage of trained physicians in Germany?

  • Due to the demographic development and the regulation of work times according to the EU directives, many hospitals in Germany have a shortage of physicians – especially in rural areas.

Are the governmental conditions for working in Germany everywhere the same?

  • Generally yes, as the relevant law – the Bundesärzteordnung BÄO (Federal Regulation for Medical Practitioners) – is a federal law. In practice, however, the procedures differ considerably in single federal lands. Differing requirements apply in single lands especially for doctors entering from "non-EU countries) and applying for a limited work permit because of the existing shortage of physicians (§ 10 BÄO). Some lands, for instance, require an approval test …Anerkennungsprüfung; others do not. Choosing the right federal land is thus particularly important. We know the specific regulations and will consider them in the application processes.

Will I be welcome as a doctor working in German?

  • Yes. Many people in Germany have to wait long before they are treated by expert physicians. Especially in rural regions, doctors are urgently required. Every physician coming to Germany is thus welcome. Furthermore, of all professions in Germany physicians have the highest reputation. A prerequisite for you to feel at home in Germany are good German language skills – these are also a pre-condition of working as a doctor in a hospital.


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